Build powerful AI user experiences
with pre-built and custom tools, as composable modules, using established best practices, deployable to multiple platforms

Jamwell’s app development platform empowers creators to build effective AI chatbots, background agents, and cross-team automation experiences. We provide an API and web dashboard with essential tools for capable AI application projects.

Get Started

Built for teams of hundreds, and individuals with hundreds of jobs.

Core Platform

Compose, Automate, Deploy, Iterate

Chatbots and Background Agents

Seamlessly deploy your AI chatbots and workflow automations in a chat interface, as a background agent, or both! Manage all your apps and workflows from one dashboard.

Pre-Built Modules

Use our extensive library of common AI tool requests, such as email and Slack. Re-use and share all your Jamwell Modules across multiple apps and users on your account.

Bring-Your-Own Tools

Integrate any API and optimize its OpenAPI file for your app's workflows. Or, use our simple API to integrate any service or client as a Jamwell Module - a re-usable AI tool.


See step-by-step records of actions performed by AI on behalf of your users and push details into Jamwell's secure context for manual and automated observability.

Flexible Deployment Targets

Publish OpenAI GPTs, custom chat interfaces, or background worker agents. Jamwell can optimize your app's tools for your deployment environment.

Bring-Your-Own Anything

Swap out anything in your applications. For example: use different RAG tools for each app or delegate orchestration to a custom Langchain agent.

Build LLM Apps, Use Familiar Methods

Save time with sensible defaults and established best practices, all while maintaining the flexibility to add your own special sauce wherever you like.

  • Create workflows with plain language - we'll optimize
  • Create multiple apps for specific audiences and use-cases
  • Plug in your own resources, like custom APIs or 3rd party services
  • Tweak with simple controls instead of changing code or API docs

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